Dr. Marlene Ziebig

(Dr. rer. nat., Dipl.-Chem.)

Patent Attorney
European Patent and Trademark Attorney

Marlene covers the technical fields of chemistry, inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. She has also gained extensive experience working for clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Marlene studied chemistry, physical chemistry and thermodynamics before completing her doctorate on the subject of organic electrosynthesis.

Marlene was both a professional representative before the European Patent Office and a German Patent Attorney. Her claim was not limited to providing excellent legal advice as a patent attorney, she also excelled in taking technical and economic aspects into account for her holistic recommendations.

She acquired the necessary knowledge as a successful entrepreneur; she founded two successful law firms and retired as an active partner of Ziebig Hengelhaupt in 2020. She continues to support the firm in an advisory capacity.

Practice areas

  • National, European and International Patent Law

Technology areas

  • Chemistry
  • Electrochemistry
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical Technology
  • Engineering Mechanics


German, English, Russian


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E-Mail: office@ziebig-patent.com