Jürgen D. Hengelhaupt

(certified engineer) (Dipl.-Ing.)

Patent Attorney
European Patent and Trademark Attorney

Jürgen D. Hengelhaupt is a certified engineer. He studied information electronics at the Technische University of Wismar and at the Technische University of Leipzig. During his studies he specialised in analogue and digital circuit technology as well as in power electronics. He graduated in 1978 with a work project on electric connections technology. From 1981 until 1984 he successfully pursued supplementary studies on IP law at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

From 1978 until 1982 he worked as a patent examiner and from 1982 until 1990 he was manager in the Patent and License Department of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin.

Mr. Hengelhaupt began his career as a German Patent Attorney in the year 1990 and he is a qualified European Patent Attorney since 1991. Until 1993 he worked at a national law firm with locations in Berlin and Dresden. In 1994, together with Mr. Klaus W. Gulde and Mrs. Ph.D. Marlene K. Ziebig, he founded the law firm Gulde Hengelhaupt Ziebig.
In 2014 the firm was transformed into the partnership company Gulde & Partner, and Mr. Hengelhaupt was a senior partner until the end of 2017.
At the beginning of 2018 he founded together with Dr. Marlene Ziebig the IP law firm ZIEBIG & HENGELHAUPT.

Practice areas

  • German, European and Asian Patent law
  • License agreements
  • Employee Invention Law

Technology areas

  • Electronics/Electrical engineering
  • Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Laser Technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Optics


German, English, Russian


Tel: +49-171-2865587
E-Mail: office@ziebig-patent.com and patentanwalt.hh@gmx.de